Bodhi 3.0.0 RC1 release

June 9th 2014

At Bodhi we work firmly on a "its ready when its ready schedule" as opposed to sticking to our set release goals and churning out something we are not happy with. Better late than never as the saying goes! Just ten days after the targeted release date I am happy to share our first Release Candidate for Bodhi Linux's third major release.

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Bodhi 3.0.0 beta release

May 4th 2014

Its been two months since we had our alpha release and since then Ubuntu 14.04 has released as "stable". That means the core for our upcoming Bodhi 3.0.0 release is finally stable enough for me to stamp a "beta" label onto it.

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Bodhi 3.0.0 alpha release

March 4th 2014

Jeff has put together our first Bodhi Linux disc that is built on top of the upcoming Ubuntu 14.04 release. Keep in mind this is a very early image not intended for production machines. There will be issues. Please help us test this alpha release!

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Bodhi Linux powered Chromebook Raffle

Januari 14th 2014

Something you may not know about Bodhi Linux is that we are 100% funded by user donations. We do not plaster our home page or user forums with ad content like so many distros do. We are very thankful to all of the folks that donate to keep our package servers running. Towards the tail end of 2011 we raffled off a Dell Netbook to a random person who donated at least five dollars during a set period of time.

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Bodhi drops official ARMHF support

October 24th 2013

Effective immediately Bodhi is dropping official support for ARM devices. What does this mean?

We will no longer be advertising an ARMHF download link on our front page Updates to ARM images will be infrequent/not at all The ARM repo will be slow to receive package updates

The primary reason for this change is that maintaining ARM images is alot of work for very little return. Keeping one ARM image up to date is more work than maintaining all three of our desktop disc images. Every ARM image is used far less than any one of our desktop releases, so it just isn't worth the investment. A secondary reason for this is the closed source nature of ARM hardware. It is near impossible to get ARM hardware fully functional under a normal Linux distribution in a reasonable amount of time. Often by the time we get all the kinks worked out the hardware is so old it isn't truly useful any longer. We will continue to maintain an ARM discussion forum here. Users are free to ask questions about the existing images we have there (or post their own). I do hope to try and maintain ARMHF packages for E17 in our repo for Debian Wheezy moving forward still - but these updates will come slower than the desktop repos get updates.

~Jeff Hoogland

Bodhi 2.4.0 released!

September 13th 2013

It may be Friday the 13th today, but it's not all bad luck as today we're proud to announce Bodhi Linux 2.4 is released into the wild! Jump over to our download section and grab your copy now!

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Bodhi 2.3.0 released!

March 31th 2013

After almost exactly three months since our Bodhi 2.2.0 release the Bodhi team and I are happy to announce the next update release for our 2.x.y series - Bodhi Linux 2.3.0. ...

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Desktop of the year!

January 31th 2013

We - the Bodhi team - would like to congratulate LKJ on winning the Desktop of the year this year! He won with this very nice desktop. Congratulations and may you post many more!

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New ARMHF device and updates

January 28th 2013

We are proud to announce that Bodhi will now be available on the MK802! You can grab the image on our ARMHF download page. But that's not all, we have also updated our Raspberry PI and Genesi images! They can also be found on the same page.


Bodhi 2.2.0 released!

January 5th 2013

The Bodhi Team and I are very happy to present to you our 2.2.0 release - the first Bodhi images to feature the stable E17 desktop. As with all minor Bodhi release existing users can simply upgrade their existing installs of Bodhi 2.x.y This release is exciting for a number of reasons. To start with, we are introducing a few new things with this update release...

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New ARMHF images!

January 2nd 2013

New year - new images? Not really. As Jeff puts it, "The mainline Bodhi desktop repositories recently received the gift of stable E17 packages and this same present isn't far off for our ARMHF branch." Which is great news for our ARMHF users, who can look forward to shiny new images!

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Stable E17 packages

January 1th 2013

Less than two weeks ago the E team finally had its stable E17 release. The Bodhi team and I have been working hard to deliver this release to our users in its best possible form in a timely fashion. Today we are happy to announce that these stable E17 packages have made their way into Bodhi's main repo.

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Bodhi Video Page

December 24th 2012

After a long absence our Video page follows the Desktop of the Week and is now back featured on our site! Have a look at it and perhaps create and submit a video of your own, so we might add it to our new video page!

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Nexus 7

December 19th 2012

Jeff is unstoppable and only two days after creating an image for the Chromebook, he gives us an image for the Nexus 7! Just as with the Chromebook, instructions on how to install the image on your Nexus are on Jeff's blog!

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Samsung Chromebook

December 17th 2012

Bodhi Linux is now available on the Samsung Chromebook! On his blog, Jeff explains how you can get boot Bodhi on your Chromebook.

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December 7th 2012

Have you heard the latest podcast on Bodhi featuring our lead developer Jeff Hoogland yet? Jeff does some Q&A on the Kernel Panic Ogg podcast.

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Nexus 7

December 4th 2012

There has been interest in adding more ARM support. Jeff, eventhough being very busy these days, has offered to create an image for the Nexus 7. We just don't have one to develop on. Have a look at Jeffs post regarding this and perhaps donate a small amount to make a Bodhi Nexus image a reality.

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Desktop of the Week

November 4th 2012

After being away for a long long time, we are proud to announce the Desktop of the Week page is back on our site!. If you'd like to comment on it you can do so on our forums in this thread. And if you'd like to compete in the Desktop of the Week, post a screenshot of your best desktop here.

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Bodhi 2.1.0 released!

September 13th 2012

It's time for our first minor release of the second major release of Bodhi Linux! You can now download 2.1.0 on our download page! Among other changes, it is interesting to note that PCManFM is dropped as a default application, in favor of the E native EFM. More information can be found on Jeffs blog.

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Bodhi launches ARMHF releases!

August 7th 2012

Bodhi Linux releases ARMHF images for the RaspBerry PI and the Genesi Smartbook! Both can be downloaded on our ARMHF downloads page. As always, more information on Jeff's blog!

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Bodhi 2.0.1 bugfix release

July 30th 2012

Bodhi Linux releases a bugfix release to address some minor issues with the 2.0 release. More detailed information can be found on Jeff Hoogland's blog.

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Bodhi 2.0 released!

July 27th 2012

Bodhi Linux is proud to present its second major release! Bodhi Linux 2.0 is now available for download!

And with the release of the latest Bodhi version come a lot of other changes as well. We now support 64bit as well as 32bit! We also have a brand new website to go with the new version.

Read more about Bodhi Linux 2.0 on the blog of our lead developer, Jeff Hoogland.

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