New Mirror – Asia

There is now a new Bodhi Linux mirror available in Asia. The server is hosted in Singapore on ExpertVM.

The mirror hosts Bodhi 6 packages with the following architectures:

  • b6main(amd64)
  • b6testing(amd64)
  • b6debbie(i386)

How to switch to using the Asia mirror?

1. As root, open the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/bodhi-repository.list file.

2. Replace with keeping everything else the same.

3. $apt update, Should show the new mirror in the list of repos shown in the output.

Security and Technical details

The server doesn’t log ip addresses.

The mirror runs a cronjob every 6 hours, that copies packages from

It downloads copies of packages signed by the same signing key that comes installed with Bodhi 6.

This means, the install of software will fail if they were tampered with as their checksums and signing keys wont match what is available on

The server itself is hardened to common exploits and is kept up to date with security patches.

The mirror can also be accessed over https at

Please post on the forums or on #support on our Discord server for assistance.

Hope you enjoy the new mirror!