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Welcome to the Bodhi Linux Wiki

Bodhi Linux 7.0.0 is the Enlightened Linux Distribution. Built on top of Ubuntu LTS (22.04) featuring the Moksha Desktop, Bodhi Linux is known for minimalism, resource efficiency, and user choice. The team behind Bodhi Linux works to make the distribution as lean as possible and believes that the end-user should be able to choose the applications that they want rather than have a bunch of pre-installed applications that are unnecessary or unwanted.

We hope you enjoy exploring Bodhi Linux!

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Looking for information or for help getting something to work?  Check out our Table of Contents for a list of tutorials and other informative Wiki pages.

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Table of Contents

Getting Involved

Need something to do? Want to make a difference by getting involved with the Bodhi Linux project? Read  “Getting Involved” for some ideas. We always welcome assistance and enjoy showing people new things! Be sure to check out our Style Guide.

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