Help Quality Test the new Bodhi Linux AppCenter

Just yesterday our webmaster posted that he had the new AppCenter ready for population. This evening I spent a very exciting couple of hours getting it populated with most all of the familiar categories:

Populated App Center

One of the things we have always tried to ensure at Bodhi Linux is that, in addition to providing quality release images, we always have quality supplemental material to accompany the OS. That means as we prepare for our third major release we want to ensure that our Wiki, AppCenter, and other components are all of high quality.

This is where you reading this come in – we want your help! Many eyes catch more mistakes and we want as many eyes as possible on our new content before we tell the world it is ready for everyone. That is why if you can spare some time we would like your help with the AppCenter in a few different ways.

First – while using the Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 RC2 release – double check to make sure the “Install” links are valid for all of the applications listed.

Second – If you use one or more of the applications that have empty screenshots, provide us with a screenshot in the default Bodhi 3.0.0 theme of that application in action! For example our Openshot screenshot just shows an empty application currently:

Openshot Image

Finally – Help us make sure we have the latest stable versions of all of the software in the AppCenter. We would like to compare the version of each application currently listed on the AppCenter against the latest stable version available and if there is an update we want to get it packaged up and into the repository for everyone.

You can provide feedback on the new AppCenter in the Feedback section on our forums.

Thanks for reading and helping further the development of Bodhi Linux. We are firmly on track for a stable 3.0.0 release in February.


~Jeff Hoogland