Looking for Swami Control Panel Testers

Last time I really talked about our control panel rewrite for Moksha, Swami, was over a year ago. Because last year was a new major release, most of my Bodhi team went into preparing that and making sure it was functional (we are just volunteers after all). This year however, not only do we not have a major release to work on, but I am traveling less for work. This gives me a bit more time to work on Bodhi related things. Today I am happy to share there is a new version of Swami in the repositories ready for some testing. It contains four modules:



Including the brand new Startup Applications rewrite:


Which features a GUI for easily adding startup commands that E and Moksha have previously lacked:



Users interested in helping test Swami should perform their system updates and then run the command:

sudo apt-get install swami-control

In terminology. If you hit any issues please open a thread on our user forums or file a bug report on GitHub.