Bodhi Linux 3.2.0 Release

Back in December I laid out a rough timeline of Bodhi events for 2016. Today I am happy to announce that we successfully met two of the first three. While some work related commitments prevented me from getting a Swami release out on time, we did successfully release version 0.2.0 of the Moksha desktop, and today I bring to you version 3.2.0 of Bodhi Linux. This is our last scheduled update release of the Bodhi 3 branch. Existing Bodhi 3 users do not need to reinstall to obtain this latest release – they simply need to perform all of their current system updates.

In addition to shipping with the latest software in the repositories this release also includes a number of small improvements. Most notably:

  • Moksha 0.2.0 is here by default
  • Linux Kernel 4.2 for improved hardware support
  • Multi-Language support for the Installer Again
  • Improved UEFI Support
  • A number of small improvements / bug fixes to the default Radiance Theme
  • LibreOffice 5.1 (in the AppPack releases)

You can now download the ISO images for this latest release on our Downloads page or directly from our Source Forge Page. Anyone with spare bandwidth if you would not mind seeding the torrent files for awhile that would be appreciated as well.

Remember that even though this is the last update to the install image for the Bodhi 3 branch – this version of Bodhi Linux will have support until April of 2019. So users can install it with confidence their system will be stable, secure, fast, and beautiful for years to come.

As always – if you encounter any issues with this release or anything else Bodhi related please open a support request on our user forums.