Bodhi Linux 6.0.0 Released

Today the Bodhi Team is pleased to announce the release of Bodhi Linux 6.0. Bodhi 6.0 is built on the Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS (Focal Fossa) base. Our Arc-Green theme underwent a major revamp now featuring an animated background, updated splash screen, and numerous tweaks. The BL6 login screen now features the elegant slick greeter. Naturally, there also is a new Plymouth theme. The Moksha desktop environment has had numerous improvements and a few new features added. In addition to all this, the Bodhi Team has tried to improve support for non-English languages. As a result, we now install by default the gnome language tool. None of this would have been possible without the support of the Bodhi community and the volunteer work of our small group of translators.

Other notable changes since the Bodhi 5.1 release include replacing PcManFm with a custom-patched version of Thunar. This version of Thunar now supports setting the background image on Moksha/Enlightenment Desktops. In addition to patching Thunar, I also patched Leafpad and ePhoto. Leafpad to fix the truncated file issue that led to its removal from both the Debian and Ubuntu Repositories. ePhoto was patched to fix an issue it had with loading images not in the Users Home folder. Another notable change is the inclusion of Chromium as the default web browser. Past users of Bodhi may also note we have replaced apturl-elm with a custom script I created which now uses policy-kit and synaptic as a backend. It should be noted the installation of snaps is disabled by default. For a full changelog please see our release notes.

As always much thanks to Stefan Uram for his work on both the code, themes, and icons, Bodhi would not be the same without his creative input. Also thanks to our sys-admin, Jason “Tristam” Thomas, for migrating our web site and repos to new servers and to the new members of our web-dev team (Gavin “fidoedidoe” Fowler, Jose “codernic” Manimala, and Erwan “ErwanGleo” Gleonnec ErwanGleo) for all the recent work on the website.

Please seed the torrents if you can spare the bandwidth.

If you are unsure which version is best for you, please see this wiki page here explaining the differences between them.

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