Modules and Themes in 4.0.0 Repos

We will be stamping the 4.0.0 release as stable fairly soon and one the last pieces of that puzzle is getting all the “extras” for moksha into the repos. Users can now find the following modules and themes in the Bodhi 4.0.0 main repository for usage / testing:

bodhi-theme-moksha-blueelectric – Blue Colored Moksha Theme
bodhi-theme-moksha-detour – Grey-Blue Colored Moksha Theme
bodhi-theme-moksha-forum – Bodhi Forum Theme for Moksha
bodhi-theme-moksha-green – Green theme for Moksha
bodhi-theme-moksha-japan – Japanese based Moksha Theme
bodhi-theme-moksha-kl4k – A Flat Dark Moksha Theme
bodhi-theme-moksha-moonlight – Moonlight Moksha Theme
bodhi-theme-moksha-pink – Pink Moksha Theme
bodhi-theme-moksha-radiance – Graphite Colored Moksha Theme
bodhi-theme-moksha-seven – Windows 7 Moksha Theme
bodhi-theme-moksha-sunshine – Sunshine Moksha Theme
moksha-cpu – CPU Module for Moksha
moksha-engage – Engage Moksha Module
moksha-flame – Flame Module for Moksha
moksha-forecasts – Forecasts Module Moksha
moksha-mem – Memory Module for Moksha
moksha-penguins – Penguins Module for Moksha
moksha-rain – Rain Module for Moksha

Please let us know on the user forums if you hit any issues with any of these. We want to make sure 4.0.0 is super smooth when we stamp it as stable – including the extra bells and whistles.