First Swami Release with two Modules

At the start of the week I announced that work had begun on Moksha’s new control panel we are calling Swami. Today I am happy to share that the first two modules for Swami are ready for alpha testing:

Bodhi users can install this pre-release of Swami by performing all of their system updates and then running the command:

sudo apt-get install swami-control

Non-Bodhi users can test it by obtaining the source code from GitHub.

Because Swami will be modular in nature I will likely be posting more updates like this asking for testers as modules are completed. The base list of modules I hope to complete before the 3.2.0 release next spring are:

  • Theme
  • Wallpaper
  • Module Loading
  • Gadget Placement
  • Ecomorph
  • places
  • ibar settings
  • startup / restart applications
  • window focus settings
  • menu settings
  • power management
  • profile selection
  • Date and Time
  • User Management
  • Light DM settings
  • Screen Resolution
  • Key / mouse / edge / acpi bindings
  • Keyboard layout

If you have feedback to provide on Swami or ideas for improvement please leave them in this thread on our user forums.