Bodhi Linux 4.3.1 Unscheduled Update Released

It seems like just yesterday that I was posting about Bodhi 4.3.0… Oh wait, it was just yesterday. In a friendly reminder that I am still human – we had a pretty major issue with one of the Bodhi 4.3.0 discs. Most issues we can simply patch via the package manager after the fact without releasing a new set of ISO images, but this issue was fairly unique. The new system was failing to add the official Bodhi repository to the installed system. Because of this I’ve published a set of discs with the 4.3.1 version number.

You will only be affected by this issue if you installed Bodhi 4.3.0 using the “Standard” release. You can manually add the missing repository to your new Bodhi 4.3.0 system by adding the line:

deb xenial b4main

To your /etc/apt/sources.list file.

Find the shiny new 4.3.1 release discs below. Please seed the torrents if you can spare the bandwidth.

Sorry for any confusion this may cause. Please keep in mind that Bodhi is a labor of love for all involved and does not make much money. If you want to help keep the lights on please consider making a one time donationbecoming a member by making a yearly contribution of 50 USD, or by picking up some Bodhi branded Merchandise.

Special shout out to community member amerigena for making us aware of this issue. As always a big thank you to everyone who helps make Bodhi possible.