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By popular demand, we’re reinstating our Patreon presence for Bodhi. We invite you to consider sponsoring Bodhi Linux on Patreon to support the ongoing development of Bodhi Linux. Our Patreon offers three tiers, with the first tier granting access to exclusive Bodhi Linux Tips & Tricks. These tips may include valuable insights that haven’t been documented elsewhere before.

One of our sponsors shared their experience:

I have really enjoyed the tips and tricks though, like you said it’s stuff that just really hasn’t been documented yet, and I have learned cool things I would not have even considered looking for – things i didn’t know I didn’t Even know!

Take a moment to explore what all three tiers have to offer, and if you’re able, consider sponsoring Bodhi Linux. Additionally, I’ll occasionally share content exclusively with our free followers on Patreon, so be sure to stay tuned!

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