Introducing Bodhi Linux 7.0: A Landmark Release

The Bodhi team is thrilled to announce the long-awaited release of Bodhi Linux 7.0. Built on the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) base, Bodhi 7.0 is a momentous step forward. With a strong commitment to improving user experience, performance, and adhering to its core values of minimalism and customization, this release marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Bodhi Linux.

I will be releasing an AppPack ISO in a few weeks as well as starting work on a Debian based 32-bit legacy version of Bodhi 7.0.

Enhancements and Changes:

Bodhi Linux 7.0 comes with an array of improvements and updates. Most notable are:

  1. Introduction of a new “s76” release, which features a more advanced Kernel for those seeking cutting-edge performance.
  2. Kernel updates are now enabled by default.
  3. EFL and Terminology are updated to the version in e-git.
  4. Moksha no longer relies on deprecated libraries.
  5. The BL7 login screen boasts an upgraded slick greeter with a password reveal feature (Version 1.8.1), complemented by a new Plymouth theme.
  6. The default theme has been changed to the Moksha Green theme, showcasing an animated background, refreshed splash screen, and numerous fine-tuning.
  7. Bodhi’s Quick Start Guide is now available in multiple languages, inviting collaboration for unsupported languages.
  8. Thunar’s archive plugin now comes pre-installed, utilizing the engrampa backend.
  9. A Web-browser-manager, inspired by the Classic Zorin OS Browser Manager, simplifies the installation of popular web browsers.
  10. Moksha introduces a Keybindings viewer for fundamental shortcuts, conveniently accessible from the Menu.
  11. The iBar Module now supports application instances, enhancing user organization.
  12. The Notification module has been entirely restructured, offering support for Notification actions.

For a comprehensive list of changes, please refer to our detailed release notes.

Strengthened Community Support:

Bodhi Linux has always thrived due to its vibrant and supportive community. With the unveiling of version 7.0, this spirit of camaraderie has reached new heights. A dedicated support network, vibrant forums, and comprehensive documentation ensure users of all skill levels receive the guidance and assistance they require.

A Refreshing Take on Linux:

Bodhi Linux 7.0 enters the scene with a fresh perspective on what a Linux distribution can achieve. The amalgamation of visual appeal, heightened performance, and commitment to user personalization positions Bodhi 7.0 as an enticing option for both newcomers and seasoned Linux enthusiasts. Whether you seek a refined desktop environment or a lightweight and efficient operating system, Bodhi 7.0 is a release that warrants exploration.

A Refreshing Take on Linux:

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to Stefan Uram for his exceptional contributions to code, themes, and icons, which are integral to Bodhi’s identity. Many thanks to Ryan Byrne for doing the preliminary work on porting the Web Browser manager to GTK. We also extend our gratitude to our dedicated translation team, who went above and beyond to localize the Quick Start Guide. Special recognition goes to Ihar Areshchankau for his dual role in translation and for providing the concept and code to support localized Quick Start Guides.

As Bodhi Linux 7.0 steps into the limelight, it carries with it a reimagining of the Linux distribution landscape. Join us in embracing this new chapter in open-source computing as we celebrate a release that underscores the essence of Bodhi Linux’s innovation and community spirit.

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