Continuing expanding our website’s features, we are proud to present our new AppCenter!

This new AppCenter, built on WordPress, offers our users an easier way of finding the right software for the job. It comes it comes with a search function, which can be defined by selecting a category from the dropdown menu. You can also browse all the categories below the search form, in an alphabetically ordered list of links.

After selecting a category, or preforming a search, you’ll be presented with a list of results. Select one of the results to go to the installation page of that software.


On this page you’ll find a screenshot of the application, some basic information and at the bottom a button to install the application. If you are using Bodhi Linux, pressing that button will install the application on your system… like magic.

The AppCenter is very empty at this point in time, but we couldn’t wait to share it with you. Over the following weeks we will be adding more software to it.

We hope you will enjoy our AppCenter! If you have any comments or thoughts, please feel free to share them on our Forum.