Bodhi 2018 Roadmap & January Donation Totals

Hey All!

Been a couple of months since our last development update with the 4.4.0 release so I just wanted to outline what our rough plans are for this year since it is time for another major release. Our release cycle for Bodhi 5.0.0 will be approximately as follows:

  • First alpha release of Bodhi 5.0.0 based on Ubuntu 18.04 at the beginning of May shortly after Ubuntu 18.04 is officially released
  • Various beta and release candidate builds released over the Summer as features, testing and time permit
  • Stable Bodhi 5.0.0 release some time in August after Ubuntu 18.04.01 is released

As with every major Bodhi release – our focus is just changing the underlying packages we build on top of. The Moksha desktop will have a few minor improvements, but by and large our goal is to simply bring you the existing desktop we know is stable built on top of a current package base. As with every major Bodhi release we will not be supporting upgrades from Bodhi 4.x to 5.0.0 without a re-installation. That being said – Bodhi’s 4.x branch will be supported until April 2021, so there is absolutely no rush to be upgrading functional systems. In fact, we will likely have a Bodhi 4.5.0 release later this year shortly before we start into the Bodhi 5.0.0 development cycle.

Also the January 2018 Donation totals have been added to our donations list. Thank you to everyone who contributed this month – especially our recurring members.

If you want to help keep the lights on please consider making a one time donationbecoming a member, or by picking up some Bodhi branded Merchandise.

As always a big thank you to everyone who helps make Bodhi possible.