Reinstating email addresses

In the past, we used to offer Bodhi email addresses to Team members as well as users that donated at least 25 us dollars and asked specifically for one. This is an email address of the form: We had to stop doing that however as Jeff Hoogland who had that setup stopped supporting this feature. But as you may be aware we recently changed how Bodhi Domains were set up, so we are now in a position to offer this once again.

Going forward, active Team Members can request such an email address with the option of either fully hosted email, ie the email is IMAP accessible and webmail accessible complete with smtp-auth for sending. Or more simply via email forwarding to another supporting email account. Team members who cease to be active at some point may lose this email address. If any team member had a Bodhi email address in the past they may need to request that we set it up again.

Users that donate 25 dollars or more and ask for a Bodhi donation will be limited to email forwarding only unless they make a HUGE donation. Huge means 1000 or more US dollars.

A donation of 25 to 50 gets a bodhi email address for one year, a donation of 50 or more gets an email address for two years and a donation of 100 or more gets an email address for 4 years. To keep your email address you must redonate and we will make an attempt to contact you before we discontinue the email forwarding. A donation of a $1000 or more and your Bodhi email address will last as long as this distro survives.

 When you ask for a Bodhi email address, please prove the current email address you wish emails to be forwarded to and the bodhi email address you wish to have. Also, note we usually only provide one bodhi email address not multiple. The place to ask is with your PayPal donation or via email or msg me on our forum or on discord.

Thanks for supporting and using Bodhi.