Reintroducing Donation Transparency: Your Support, Your Impact

We are thrilled to announce what we believe to be a significant change in our donation policy that will bring us even closer as a community and will assure even more transparency. After giving it much thought and taking your prior comments into consideration, we have decided to restart making known the names of individuals and the amount of their contributions that we have received this month and then publish the total accumulated over time. We understand the sensitivity of this position and recognize that the arguments that forced us originally to mask the names of our contributors were indeed well-founded. However, an integral component of our community has been transparency.

We are reinstating this transparency to enable us to: Your donations are the lifeblood of Bodhi Linux, and we want to be able to recognize and thank you for your contributions. We can publicly thank people for their generosity by sharing names and amounts. Transparency gives us a chance always to show you the coverage of your donations. Whether the funds are used for a new development, fund infrastructure operations, or community efforts, we want you to see how much your contributions are helping. Transparency develops trust. With open access to financial information, we hope to develop a mentality of openness and confidence.

We realize that there may still be some reservations about the method outlined above, and we assure you that privacy and security are a priority. We will not include others on the public acknowledgment list who ask to retain their anonymity, and the only persons mentioned in the public acknowledgments will be those who explicitly request their mention. Your contribution and response are critical to our improvement and development of the Bodhi Linux operating system. Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, or objections about this new policy, Thank you for your continued cooperation and trust in our Bodhi Linux operating system. We can and will go far as a group.