VirtualBox and Bodhi as Guest

VirtualBox and Bodhi as Guest

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With VirtualBox (Host) installed you can install Bodhi Linux as a guest operating system.

Installing Bodhi

Install Bodhi as normal starting with step II of the general Bodhi install instructions.

Installing Guest Additions

Bodhi comes with generic virtual box support pre-installed. Before you install the official virtual box guest additions you need to remove these. Do so by running the command:

sudo apt-get purge virtualbox*

After this command completes select the Devices menu and then Insert Guest Additions CD Image:


This will add a Guest Additions link to your desktop. Open the folder with a double click and use the right click context menu to launch a terminal in the current directory:


In the terminal that opens run the command:

sudo ./


Type your password and press Enter.

When this completes you now have guest additions installed. Congrats!

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