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Below is a listing of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pages, with a brief outline of what each FAQ page covers. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for within these pages, feel free to raise a question within our forums or in our live chat (Discord).

Getting Started FAQs

Covering items such as: Selecting the most suitable Bodhi Linux distribution for your needs;  How to download Bodhi Linux ISO;  Create a Live USB (in Linux/Windows);  The Bodhi Installation;  Common new instance configuration questions:  Screen resolution, Themes, Icons, Wallpaper.

LinkGetting Started FAQs

About & Support  FAQs

Q&A’s relating to About Bodhi Linux; Accessing the community forums;  contacting the community via live chat (Discord);  How to get involved;  How to find the excellent/informative Bodhi Linux eBook by Roger Carter.

Link: About/Support FAQs

Administrative Task FAQs

Covering topics such as Terminology;  Common command-line commands;  Adding a printer;  Updating Bodhi Linux software;  Adding new Software / Package Managers;

LinkAdministrative Task FAQs

Graphics/Display Card FAQs

Graphics Cards (especially Nvidia), can be troublesome. These FAQs cover: Establishing your Graphic Card Model;  What Kernel Driver is being used;  Installing Proprietary Nvidia Drivers;  How to block-list Open Source Nouveau Drivers.

LinkGraphics Card Driver FAQs

Minimum Specification Hardware FAQs

If you’re running minimum specification hardware, minimizing memory usage during use will be key. Take a look at this FAQ to find answers to some common questions and/or find tips and tricks from those operating at the edge.

Link: Minimum Specification Hardware FAQs

Moksha Desktop FAQs

The Moksha desktop has a lot of features. Initially, this can be overwhelming, these FAQs cover: Introduction to Moksha;    How to enable/add Desktop Icons;  Change screen resolution;  Changing display scaling;  Change Themes;  Adding Icon Sets; Changing Wallpaper

LinkMoksha Desktop FAQs

Networking / Wi-Fi FAQs

There’s nothing worse than being disconnected from the network/internet. These FAQs cover: Identifying networking hardware;  connecting to the internet;  specifics on Broadcom BCM43xx Wi-Fi cards; getting help from the Bodhi Linux Community.

LinkNetworking / Wi-Fi FAQs

Bodhi 6 – Pure Enlightenment Desktop FAQs

Bodhi Linux 6.x comes with a choice of Window Managers, either Moksha Desktop or Enlightenment. Discrete Bodhi installation ISO’s have been created specifically for each, These FAQs cover: Differences between the two Window Managers;   Accessing the Main Menu;  Changing Screen Resolution;  Quick Launch replacement;  ARandR alternative; plus many more.

LinkBodhi Linux – Pure Enlightenment FAQs

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