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Administrative Tasks

Many new Bodhi Linux users seem to have the same questions relating to common administrative tasks, so here are the answers to a few of them.

What is Terminology, how do I use it?

Terminology is a terminal emulator for Linux, giving you access to the Linux command line. For more details see Terminology.

Is there a list of commonly used Linux commands?

The Terminology command line is a text interface to your computer. This is a vast topic and often daunting to those who are unfamiliar with Linux. Over time you will become familiar with a core set of commands, this article will introduce you to some of the more regularly used commands to get you started: Basic but Useful Linux Commands

How do add a Printer?

This guide will help you add a physical printer and/or allow you to “print” to PDF. For more detail see: Installing a Printer, Printing to PDF

I have a scanner, what scanning software can I use?

There are many software solutions for Linux, ranging to meet simple needs through to complex requirements, some of which can be seen in this independent article: 10 Best Scanning tools for Linux.  For most needs, Simple Scan will suffice very well. To install using Terminology:

sudo apt install simple-scan

Once installed, you can launch Simple scan from the Main Menu by selecting:

Main Menu >  Applications > Graphics > Simple Scan

How do I install Additional Software?

Ready to add some sweet software?  Open adding software for an in-depth view of the various methods to install software/applications. Alternatively, you can see what software is available in our AppCenter which can be installed directly from your browser.

How can I keep Bodhi Linux software up to date?

Keeping Bodhi Linux and/or installed applications updated has been covered fully in the wiki, see: Keeping Bodhi Linux up to Date

Does Bodhi Linux have a Package Manager?

The guide on the software package management: Synaptic Package Manager covers the commonly used features/functions of this utility.

How do I upgrade from Bodhi Standard to HWE?

If you installed Bodhi Linux Standard or Bodhi Linux AppPack (neither of which natively receive kernel updates), you can easily install the HWE  (Hardware Enablement) kernel by adding the HWE packages, after which you will receive regular kernel updates from the 6.2.0-26 branch. Installation can be achieved through the Synaptic Package Manager or via the command-line using Terminology (the latter is outlined below).

sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade 
sudo apt install linux-generic-hwe-22.04 xserver-xorg-hwe-22.04

How do I fix Networking / WiFi issues?

There is an entire FAQ dedicated to common issues, see the Networking / Wi-Fi FAQs for more information.

How do I manage Swap Space?

For details on how to create, resize, remove see: Swap Space Management

How do I add Bodhi’s DuckDuckGo search to my web browser?

Bodhi Linux has a partnership with the wonderful folks at DuckDuckGo that helps generate some revenue to support our project.

The default browser (Chromium) which ships with Bodhi Linux 7.0.0 does not default to using the partnered DuckDuckGo search engine but can be configured to do so.

If you stick with Chromium or have chosen a different default browser you can support Bodhi Linux by configuring your preferred browser to use the Bodhi Linux DuckDuckGo search. for more information see: Bodhi’s DuckDuckGo Browser Search

How do I use Key or Edge Bindings?

Want to quickly disable your laptop’s touchpad using a keyboard shortcut? Then set up a key binding. Or easily switch between desktops? Use an edge binding. Find out more on the wiki page: Key Bindings and Edge Bindings (which additionally lists many keyboard shortcuts). Some common/handy keyboard shortcuts have been listed here.

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