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  1. aeonius aeonius says:

    For people working on the wiki, I suggest you have a look at this

    It’s the old wiki archived by the wayback machine. You can find all content we had on it there. Handy if you’re looking for something to write about.

  2. Marsha Gilliland says:

    Hello! I am interested in helping edit the wiki. I am a bodhilinux fan and want to give back a little.
    Marsha G.

    • aeonius aeonius says:

      Hi Marsha! Thank you for your interest in helping out with our distro! Please send me an email with your desired username and I’ll set you up with an account. Might I also suggest you make a forum account so you can discuss wiki stuff with the other wiki editors? My email address is joris[at]bodhilinux[dot]com