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RSS Feeds

Being built on WordPress, our site offers some nice features like the ability to receive customized RSS feeds.  If you’re unfamiliar with RSS feeds, read this Wikipedia article, which explains it very well.  In a nutshell, RSS feeds enable you to be notified about new content on a website without having to manually check that website.

Our site offers the standard RSS feed, which will notify you of new blog entries.  However, you can also be notified of type-specific content, like a new application being added to our AppCenter or a new Wiki article being published. All you need to know is the base address, which is, and the name of the Post Type you want to receive notifications about.  This means a feed link will be structured like this:[posttype]

Post Types

Currently, we have two post types that can be used to receive feeds:

  • AppCenter – For new AppCenter content.
  • incsub_wiki – For new Wiki content.

The following feed URL will notify you of new applications in the AppCenter.

And this one will notify you of new Wikis.



You can also narrow down the content the feed provides you by adding a category to the URL. This is done by adding an ampersand (& symbol) followed by the name of the taxonomy the category falls under; followed by an equal sign; followed by the category you want to narrow down to, which will result in a link structured like this:[posttype]&[taxonomy]=[category]

Every post type has its own taxonomies, which are:

  • softwaregroup – For the AppCenter.
  • categories – For new Wiki.

This one notifies you of new icon type apps being added to the AppCenter:

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