Switching Keyboard Layouts

Switching Keyboard Layouts

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Key Bindings Settings

Moksha’s Key Binding module allows you to quickly and easily switch between keyboard layouts.

There are three Actions available; Use keyboard layout, Next keyboard layout, and Previous layout.

To assign a key combination to each of these actions, simply go to:

  • Settings > Settings Panel  > Input > Key Bindings

  • In the right panel of the Key Bindings screen, scroll down to Keyboard Layouts (about a third of the way down)
  • To assign a key combination, click Add, and key in your combination e.g. <Shift>+<S>
  • Next click on Use keyboard layout
  • Below the right-hand panel, enter the keyboard layout you want to assign the combination to i.e. (sk, fr, uk,…) and click Apply

You can repeat this process for another layout with a different binding to assign combinations to Next layout and Previous layout, or to toggle/scroll between layouts.

A full list of keyboard layouts can be found by opening /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/base.lst in your preferred text editor (Terminology is Bodhi Linux’s default).


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