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QuickStart Guide Contributors

Mark “ottermaton” Strawser – Head of Documentation
Anthony “AntCer” Cervantes – Chief of the QS Guide
Jeff “Jef91” Hoogland

The Team:
Charles (Charles@Bodhi) van de Beek – Editor / Consultant
(caerolle) – Editor / Consultant

Also, a shout-out to Theophobus and ylee. Thank you, guys!

Anthony “AntCer” Cervantes
Joris “aeonius” van Dijk

Anthony “AntCer” Cervantes
Kelly Wang

Revision History

2020/01/01 – Update content to better reflect Bodhi Linux 5.1

2015/03/17 – Converted to wiki

2015/02/02 – Removed a few lingering old references and added new AppCenter information

2015/01/18 – Updates for Bodhi 3.0.0 including text and new screenshots

2012/10/28 – 2013/01/04 – Extensive revisions to content/markup/CSS, re-shoots of photos, and additions to content/markup/CSS.

2012/05/02 – Added information about Window Shading to the Quick FAQ section. Added a mention about keystrokes on Window Focus to the E17 Basics sections. Added a navigation bar to the bottom of all pages.

2011/01 – This document was originally created in approximately January 2011. It went through several iterations before revisions began being tracked in May 2012.

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