Changing Moksha Themes

Changing Moksha Themes

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If you are looking for new themes visit the AppCenter. Once a new theme is installed you can change using the quick guide below. For a more in-depth guide to themes, see the wiki tutorial on themes.

A comprehensive guide/tutorial to Moksha Desktop Customisation is also available.

1.) Selecting the Moksha Theme 

Theme Selector

Location: Menu->Settings->Theme

Select the theme from the System list and then hit the apply button.

2.) Select the GTK Application Theme

Application Theme Settings

Location: Menu->Settings->All->Look->Application Theme

Scroll down till you find the matching GTK theme and select it. Then hit the apply button.

3.) Using the Wallpaper

Wallpaer Settings

Location: Menu->Settings->Wallpaper

Check the Use Theme Wallpaper box and then hit apply.