Bodhi Linux 4.4.0 Released & November Donation Totals

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  1. Greg Zeng says:

    “AppPack Release”, “Legacy Release” … not obvious to me, yet, what these are …

    > ” … Please seed the torrents if you can spare the bandwidth.”
    Other reasons for using torrents:
    (1) Torrents are usually much faster than downloading from one-only internet link.
    (2) Torrent downloads can be resumed now, later, or whenever.
    (3) Torrent downloads can be auto-rechecked after download.
    (4) Less trouble for the one-only internet link.
    (5) Torrents are not as off-line as the one-only internet link.

  2. Julio Benedet says:

    Good afternoon only to thank three things:

    1.- the excellent development of Bodhi Linux 4.4.0
    2.- that they will publish my name and my modest contribution
    3.- the offer to send me the flash memory

    Thanks … thanks and thanks

  3. Javier Diaz says:

    Hi Jeff, very good job, soo thanks you my friend!

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