Bodhi Linux 4.3.1 Unscheduled Update Released

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  1. Ray says:

    For those of us Users that have bodhi64 4.2 64bit is there an auto upgrade/update to 4.3.1?
    For those of us with 10+ years old PC’s and Legacy 4.2 32bit installed is there an auto upgrade/update to 4.3.1?
    If not how do we get release 4.3.1?

  2. TIMMI says:

    I was wondering if your team figured out yet, how to make the click on desktop menu flip automatically, to scroll to the other side, when one clicks close to the right side of the screen?
    Our laptop screens are all in 16:9 aspect ratio (tablets too). Keyboard and touchpad are off-center to the left, with keypad on the right. It is a good idea to “glue” application window to the left edge, not the right. That centers it more in front of us. Better ergonomics. That gives us a space on the right, for things. Either widgets, or notepad and calculator or other small things – I move the menu bar (shelf, or whatever a flavor of linux chooses to call it) to the right edge. That gives more vertical screen real-estate where needed.
    That also means, if we arrange things for correct ergonomics, what we’ll be clicking on the desktop in that right-sided area. Hence, why that menu should automatically switch sides with it is out of space. Programs have been functioning like this for decades – even before Linux even existed.

    Hence the question, has it been fixed?
    thanks 🙂

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