Bodhi Linux 4.3.0 Released

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  1. Martial Roger says:

    Like your distribution but the only thing that is keeping me away is the buttons close, maximize, minimize are on the right, side while all the commands are on the left…. we also read from left to right why do we always have to travel from left to right to get the the commands close, maximize, minimize !!

    The menus are on left, from all the works we always have to travel from left to right to close, minimize…. WHY!!! Wake up, please so I can use your system with ease, without fuss…

    • The location of the window navigation buttons are actually determined by the theme in Moksha. For example you can find them on left side in the Moonlight Theme. Using the advanced theme settings you can even use the window borders from one theme with a different theme you like the other pieces of.

      Also – for reference many modern applications such as Chrome have the menu functions on the right side along with the window navigation being there.

  2. Torsten says:

    Is the problem with the freezing mouse cursor fixed now?

  3. The waiter says:

    @Martial Roger
    I have rewritten the Moonlight theme. The controls on the left annoyed some people on the forum (me included). The current release is with the controls on the right. I fixed also the Sunshine theme bugs but I left controls on the left. So if you are interested, install this theme.

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