Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 RC3 Release

A little over two weeks ago I announced my return to the Bodhi project and shared our 3.0.0 RC2 “Reloaded” discs. Today I would like to share a set of discs that is our third release candidate. All of the minor issues that were reported in the second release candidate have been corrected in this release and I consider these discs a very polished product.


Download Links:

You can learn which is the best ISO image for you here and you can find an installation tutorial here.

These discs are smaller than the RC2 discs by a sizable amount due to the implementation of XZ compression. The 64bit disc is also the first official Bodhi Linux release to have UEFI support built in by default. I had many Chromebook users note the absence of our Chromebook image with the RC2 release and I am happy to announce its return with this third release candidate.

It is important to remember there is more to Bodhi Linux than just what you download in ISO form. Since our second OS release the new website has been fleshed out and our QuickStart guide that users see when booting the ISO image has been updated to reflected the changes 3.0.0 brings.

Our AppCenter is now back with a new look and feel. You can find everything on here from the latest OpenOffice and WPS Office suites:


to new themes for your Enlightenment desktop:


The website also contains a brand new wiki that the community is in the process of populating in preparation of our 3.0.0 release. Other updated parts of the website include this brand new blog section as well as an update Donations page. If these discs prove to be as solid as I think they are we will have our stable release for Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 on February 20th, 2015.

As always existing 3.0.0 users do not need to reinstall to be using the latest release (unless they want to help us test the install media). Updating your current systems via eepDater will pull in all of the 3.0.0 RC3 changes and eventually the 3.0.0 stable release improvements when the time comes.

Finally, I would like to thank the Bodhi Linux community for being so receptive to my returning to the project. I announced that I was stepping back rather suddenly late last year, but a few months off was exactly what I needed. I am back now in full swing and very ready to get this release out the door.


Jeff Hoogland