A summary of the changes and improvements found in Bodhi 7.0


  • Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS
  • Kernel 64-Bit Releases
    • Standard: 5.15.0-78
    • HWE: 6.2.0-26
    • s76: 6.4.6-76060406
  • EFL 1.26.99-3 (git commit 6efb60be59)
  • Moksha: 0.4.0-14
  • PPA mozillateam has been added to the sources list
  • kelebek333’s PPA nvidia-legacy has also been added to the sources list
  • Ubuntu backports have been enabled in the sources list

Note: GRUB’s os-prober will not be executed to detect other bootable partitions. Systems on them will not be added to the GRUB boot configuration. This is a security feature and is new in Ubuntu 22.04 and BL7. Check GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER documentation.


  • A New Plymouth Theme
  • A New Slick Greeter Theme


  1. Chromium version 115.0.5790.110
  2. Terminology version 1.13.1-3 (git commit aca88e2016)
  3. Slick-greeter version 1.8.1
  4. Web-browser-manager will be included on the default install. This is our GTK fork of the Classic Zorin OS Browser Manager.
  5. We are working towards providing up-to-date translations of as many apps, Moksha, and other components of Bodhi as we can. You will notice much greater support in some languages. If your language is deficient and you wish to help let us know.

Note: Software versions reflect the version found on the ISO and are present in our repository at the time of the ISO creation. A more recent version may be present in our repository.


  • Moksha and several modules have been completely refactored to remove dependence on several depreciated libraries
  • Internal Notification API backported from e25
  • Keybindings viewer for basic Moksha shortcuts (Win F1)
  • Language settings Apply button fix
  • Language: Enter key works to confirm the item selected
  • Windows snap to the screen edges feature added
  • DnD feature for menu items (item icon to desktop)
  • File preview: widget fix for audio/video/documents
  • File preview: show resolution for pictures
  • Thumb preview: fix for black start animation (MokshaGreen theme related)
  • Settings Panel/Modules/Gadgets dialog resized to 600×500 by default
  • Menu application item right click opens application desktop editor
  • Menu crash fix while installing apps
  • Smart menu orientation fix for multiple monitors
  • Color selector slider and entries fix
  • Color slider mouse wheel added for subtle value changing
  • ilist widget search box fix
  • enlightenment_sys – fix security hole CVE-2022-37706
  • Systemd support added for sysactions
  • Borderless fix for DOCK apps type
  • Fix for EEEK trying to del non-shared stringshare in config theme dialog
  • Mem trimming – have Moksha trim its own memory every now and again
  • e-open: better handling of terminal apps
  • e_int_menus.c: handle invalid chars
  • Favorite apps menu fix
  • Reorganize Bodhi Team


  • Battery Module: Improved popup charging status
  • Clipboard Module: float menu segfault fix
  • Clock Module: Date/time settings added
  • Clock Module: time set sliders replaced with elm time widget selector
  • conf_interaction: Mouse acceleration and speed fix
  • conf_interaction: Touchpad settings dialog added
  • e_wizard: add support for MX Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil) locales
  • e_wizard: add support for distro forks custom startupcommands file
  • iBar Module: application instances menu added
  • Mixer: switches to the last connected sink
  • Notification Module: Support for Notification actions added
  • Pager Module: each desk settings added on right gadget click
  • Places Module: Places icon edj theming support added
  • Quick Launcher: single click feature added
  • Quick Launcher: zoom feature added
  • Quick Launcher: support for MOKSHA_PKEXEC
  • Quick Launcher: Everything: on/off used item history added
  • Shelf settings: active OK/Apply button fix
  • Shelf Module: icons size option added to the settings dialog
  • Shelf Module: content dialog resizeable
  • Shot Module: Alt PrtSc shortcut for a window screenshot
  • Shot Module: copy to clipboard feature added
  • Systray Module: hide/show feature added
  • Systray Module: Better prevention for adding more systray gadgets (only one is allowed)
  • Tasks Module: shrink-to-fit feature tweak
  • Winlist Module: min/max height settings unnecessary
  • Xkbswitch Module: segfault fix when switching among layouts
  • Notification and clipboard menu headers added
  • Config: Window move display removed by default (CPU framerate usage decrease)
  • Many module and settings icon fixes
  • Small text fixes for module.desktop files

Extra Modules

  • Alarm Module: no gadget icon in list
  • Alarm Module: bug in settings icon path
  • CPU Module: hide the percent symbol for small gadgets
  • CPU Module: Better centered text
  • Diskio Module: misspelled ellipsis in edc
  • Emprint Library: ESC can not exit region mode with a 0 delay value
  • Engage Module: depreciated Moksha function fix
  • News Module: Variable should be extern
  • Penguins Module: gcc format-truncation warnings
  • Penguins Module: undefined variables
  • Screenshot Module: task module icon fix
  • Screenshot Module: camera sound fix
  • Slideshow Module: bad resolution fix
  • StickyNotes Module: ncal support added
  • StickyNotes Module: popen condition added
  • StickyNotes Module: E_EVENT_RESUME support added
  • StickyNotes Nodule: Changes to edc file (header click for update)
  • Tclock Module: support for scaled text added
  • Tclock Module: center line if one only
  • Winselector Module: depreciated Moksha function fix
  • Winselector Module: fix gcc incompatible pointer warning
  • All EDC files in extra modules have been modernized


  • MokshaGreen theme added as default
  • New wallpaper and splash for MokshaGreen theme
  • GTK theme and Icon set created for MokshaGreen
  • New WoodGrey theme added
  • New Dimension theme added
  • New Ice theme added
  • New background added to MokshaArcDark theme
  • All themes updated to the new eldbus API
  • All themes updated to support new Moksha features


  • Bodhileaf-cjn background added
  • Green-garden background added
  • Bodhi-Mountain background added
  • Bodhi-Dark-Metal Background added
  • Boshi-Dark-Metal-Green Background added