Forums / Comments Closed Due to GDPR

Recently the EU passed a new set of data laws for people who live there and the data they provide to people online. From my understanding even though Bodhi and all of its services operate out of the US, Bodhi (and thus myself) could be held legally responsible for the data people in the EU provide to us. I am not willing to risk the financial security of my family over a project that effectively makes no money after operating costs.

I do not have the bandwidth or legal background to understand what is needed to make us compliant with these new laws. Our user forums and all associated data with them have been deleted. We have also deleted all comments and emails / names associated with them on this WordPress page and disabled comments moving forward to not collect data here either.

If you are looking for help with your Bodhi install moving forward please drop by our discord channel or create a topic on the Bodhi Linux sub reddit in which I plan to be active moving forward.

EDIT: If you are someone who prefers a traditional forum style setting you can also post for help on the Bodhi sub-forum of the forum here.

Thanks for understanding.

~Jeff Hoogland