Bodhi Linux 4.1.0 Released

Today I am happy to announce the first scheduled update release of the Bodhi Linux 4 branch – Bodhi Linux 4.1.0. This release serves to package up the fixes for a few bugs that slipped through the cracks in the 4.0.0 release, as well as provided updated package sets for the install ISO images. Most notably these ISO images come with EFL 1.18.4, Linux Kernel 4.8, and a new Moksha Theme based on the “Arc Dark” theme. Existing Bodhi 4.0.0 users already have the bug fixes incorporated into these ISO images, but they will need to manually install the newer kernel and theme if they wish to utilize them.


If you can spare some bandwidth please seed the torrent files for as long as you can.

Also – it has been brought to my attention that someone snagged some of our images from the “pre-release” folder that still had some issues and created unofficial torrents of them. If you are using a torrent download of Bodhi Linux 4.1.0 please make sure it came from our Source Forge page linked above and your md5sums match.

Screenshots of the new Arc Dark Theme:

2017-01-26-233443 shot-2017-01-26_23-36-12 shot-2017-01-26_23-34-25

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  1. John Kohler says:

    The Legacy Torrent link above points to the 4.0.0 version rather than the 4.1.0 version. Adjusting all instances of the middle zero to a one points to the correct torrent.

  2. chris says:

    Very good release ! I’m going for boddhi Linux !
    I tested the live cd and I had a problem with ecomp-ecomorph no effets even after I installed the packages and enabled ecomp !
    Why Is that ?

  3. Dariar says:

    Ran Bohdi on usb flawlessly, so I installed permanently! Lenovo Thinkpad x120e 2MB ram…absoulutely no problems yet. I’m very happy. Had problems loading Mint before this.

  4. Can I upgrade from 3.2.1 to 4.1.0 via package manager?

  5. Dick says:

    Can the 32bit, apt pack be loaded on a USB for trying out on my Acer laptop with basic Vista (1&2) OS?

    Can existing applications (VPN, anti-virus, etc) loaded on the Vista OS be loaded on the Bodhi OS, assuming compatibility?

    I know very little about open source systems.

    • All of our disc images are live so they can be tested from USB drives before installing. Bodhi’s network manager supports VPN connections and you won’t need antivirus on Linux. Other applications will vary best on what the task is and what their creator supports.

      • Dick says:

        Thanks for your reply Jeff.

        What size USB will i need to download 32bit apt pack?

        • You’ll need a 1.5 gig flash drive.

          • Dick says:

            Thanks Jeff.

          • Dick says:

            I downloaded bodhi Linux to my USB following instructions. The following files were downloaded:
            Menu C32 files
            Syslinux CFG files
            Ubnfilel Text files
            Ubpathl Text files

            Both Text files opened–the computer used windows file association (think).

            I could not open the Menu C32 or the Syslinux CFG files — these files apparently needed Opera, but my Opera portal is closed and I have not been able to update — I don’t think the latest Opera works with Vista or IE9 browser that I’m stuck with.

            What do you suggest I do?

  6. Muthukuma says:

    Is ecomorph is stable in this release?

  7. Dick says:

    I removed all Linux stuff from my computer and started all over. Now when I boot to the flash drive stick I get a dialogue box that has unetbootin labeled on top, below that the word default in large letters is displayed. Below the box a note says that the program will start in 10-seconds and starts a 10 to 0 countdown ( this is repeated continuously ), and there is direction to tap the tab button for options – which is a blinking command line.

    So, I’m stuck.
    What can I do to resolve this issue.

  8. kuli says:

    Nice distro, might become one of my favourites sides from debian’s older GNU/Linux and GNU/kFreeBSD releases. Will you include an install option *NOT* to use systemd and DRM/SELinux, but the old mechanisms instead?

  9. Vazha Natroshvili says:

    Hello I have few questions
    I want to replace mint on my laptop with bodhi 32 bit (format all hard drive and fresh install)
    1) do I need to take some extra steps during installation
    2) and what is difference between [legasy iso], [app pack iso] and regular one

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