Bodhi Linux 4.0.0 Alpha 2 Release and August Donation Totals

Better late than never right? After fighting through some issues with our Bodhi Builder Tool with the Ubuntu 16.04 base we have a second batch of alpha images for our 16.04 based Bodhi 4.0.0 release.

The feedback from our first alpha release has reported the Moksha desktop on the 16.04 base is as stable as ever, so the only reason this remains with a pre-release tag is due to some rough edges in terms of polish. There are some minor issues with the default theme under our new 16.04 base and I am still looking to make time to compile a non-PAE kernel image and create a separate disc image for that.

I am not going to publish an official target release date, because this is mostly a “ready when it is ready” type project, but people who don’t mind a small visual oddity here or there I encourage to install this release. I have been using it on my daily laptop since the alpha one release with no show stopping issues. If you do encounter any bugs please remember to report them in the Bodhi 4 section of our user forums.

The August Donation totals have also been added to our donations list. Thank you to the folks who contributed last month!

If you would like to help us keep the lights on with a monetary donation you can do so at our donations page or by becoming a member.