The Bodhi Team

Who are we?

The people listed below are currently working on Bodhi Linux. If you think you can help out in some way, feel free to let us know on the forum or send us an email.

We would also like to thank people who contributed to Bodhi Linux in the past.


Who's working on the ISO?

Jeff "Jef91" Hoogland
Project Manager/Lead Developer

Christopher "devilhorns" Michael
Enlightenment Developer, master of the code!

Stephen "okra" Houston
Enlightenment Developer, creator of Ephoto and other E-goodness.

Chris "Prolog" Seekamp
Packages software for ARM and supporting the Google Chromebook.

Web Development and Designers

Making Bodhi look good

Joris "aeonius" van Dijk
Website Design, Creation & Maintenance.

Agustin "Agust" Verdegal
Resident Enlightenment theme creator.

Bob "Bob E" Eley
Video Artist, creator of the bulk of our site's video content.

System Operator

The Highlander

Ken "Trace" LaBuda
Maintaining the server, setting up the repositories, manages our torrent tracker, runs the webserver, and manages anything we may need on the server backend.

Jack of All Trades

Master of none

Jason "Tristam" Thomas
A little bit of everything everytime we need him.


Sorting out the paperwork

Kristi "TheFiance" Elvidge
In charge of memberships, merchandise and book keeping.

Karen "MoM" Hoogland
In charge of Corporate paper work and management.


Filling ze repo

Rbt "ylee" Wiley
Package Management.

Darren "LostBumpkin" Dooley
Packager for our Art Wiki.


Providing us with valuable resources

Anthony "AntCer" Cervantes
Guide editing.