Looking for Swami Control Panel Testers

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  1. This is not constructive feedback. Constructive feedback would be:

    “The design is not good because of XYZ. It could be improved by doing ABC”

    I am open to constructive feedback.

  2. Lin Rongxiang says:

    I won’t be able to do the testing now since I am still at work, but weekends are usually fine. Have done sudo apt-get install swami-control successfully. Ttya in a while, if at all.

  3. SmartDuck says:

    Swami installs nicely, no problem. The basics are ok. Some improvements: big icons on the first screen of the control panel instead of a list per category. When making choices, boolean for example, make a dropdown menu to set the preferred option. Prevent typing. For example if True or False is required, don’t expect the users will type the correct setting just give them a dropdown menu with true or false. Would be nice if Swami becomes the default settings manager but a little more polished and feature rich.

    I’m expirimenting with Python and EFL. I know it has it’s quirks to get things nicely presented.

  4. Ray Cutter says:

    How do you open Swami Control Panel? Is it in the list when “enter” vacant Moksha screen?

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