Bodhi Linux 4.0.0 Released

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  1. pat says:

    Thank you. The 32 app-pk torrent not working.

    • They are listed as “unregistered” still, but they are all seeding here using transmission.

      • sam says:

        fyi: I just tried downloading the AppPack Releases for both the 32bit and 64bit torrents via transmission (after clicking the torrent link, sending me to sourceforge). Transmission reports on both torrents:
        unregistered torrent pass

        Clicking the [Download] link isn’t an issue – the ISO download starts in the browser automatically. It seems most advice on this string (unregistered torrent pass) suggests that this is the result of a private tracker (login required?).

        • doesn’t seem to want to accept the torrents. They still download / upload properly while reporting that message though. Just going to leave them be – will find a different tracker for the 4.1.0 release next year.

  2. Vabna says:

    Wow, I am going to download it now. Thank you Jeff. I always have faith on your effort. BTW does you add ibus, m17n in app pack?

  3. Pikel says:

    Thanks Jeff to continue working on this project, for me is the best distro based on ubuntu! =)

  4. renato says:

    Jeff,thank you very very much. And all the team of course…
    I’m really glad, that you choose to continuing the work like a fork,
    because i love all my little modules and the rest of E17 stuff, that can’t be found anywhere…
    I translated E into slovenian lang, I’d like to do it for moksha also.
    I saw there are little difereneces, but there are some…
    I’d like to find .PO files or .POT for translating.

    I difinished almost the translations to slovenian of e17guide, after a revision or two in a few days,
    i’ll send it… to where.. a post on the forum??
    On the forum i haven’t found the topic for this, maybe a section ould be done for this to –
    translations of moksha or something.
    Tthank you again and much love from the heart.

    • We do not currently have anyone managing translations, but if you start a thread in the Bodhi Content section of the forums with what you are working on I am sure we can get something rolling.

  5. Andy08 says:

    Hey, I’d just like to say…Bodhi ROCKS! I’m new to GNU/Linux and; of all the distros I’ve tried:Deb, Ubun, OS, Fed, etc; Bodhi is MY favorite. It has an amazing desktop, terminology is lovely, and is a very easy install. I currently have 3.2.1 installed… oh a ping for my 4.0.0 torrent just went off…. and will be repartitioning my hdd soon for install. I have an acer aspire laptop circa 2010 and the switch from Windows was necessary for this computer to function. Thank you all for all the hard work! I can’t wait to see what you all roll out next!

  6. Urivan Flores says:

    Can I do an apt-get upgrade directly from Bodhi 3.2.0?
    I noticed that if I do do-release-upgrade it will download the upgrade scripts to 16.04.

    Thank you for your confirmation.

  7. Charles says:


    I’m having an issue with the LUKS password prompt on boot, but I can’t create a forum account in order to post the issue.

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