Bodhi Linux 4.0.0 Alpha 2 Release and August Donation Totals

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  1. kozaki says:

    It’s a pleasure to see you could add the 32bit version to this release Jeff. I’ll try to have it available for fast download and sharing on linuxtracker.

    Note I’ll be sure to compare it with the current stable 3.2.1 on the following points first:

    1. Agility and battery saves, considering how stable runs well and is freaking energy efficient on my Intel Atom netbook (we’re talking of 10% less watt than a super light Arch i3-wm here)
    2. Compatibility with non-sse2 boxes (we started to offer good old, Bodhi-legacy efficiently powered Athlon boxes at the city DIY facility)
    3. Moksha localization, which really is the weakest point in current stable: having less incomprehensible terms when already discovering a brand new OS would really help introducing newcomers to Bodhi Linux. But atm I find myself unable to translate Moksha menu’s first-level entries as well as quite a few applications menus.

  2. kozaki says:

    I’ll go have a look. Thank you btw.

    Meanwhile Bodhi-4-alpha2 i386 torrent is available there: (it should seed well :))

  3. kozaki says:

    A quick feedback on points 1: Bodhi 4.0.0alpha *Live* is, incredibly, as efficient as an installed 3.2.1; to give you guys a comparison it just takes 10% *less* memory than Lubuntu 16.04. And point 3: Localization is way better than current for all menu entries. Aaaah finally šŸ™‚

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