Bodhi Linux 3.2.0 Release

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  1. Jesse B. says:

    Thanks for the release, Jeff.
    I was curious if this release, being as it ships with the 4.2 kernel, supports the trackpad on the Acer C720 out of the box? Sorry to be a bother, but I have been doing my best at patiently waiting for another Chromebook release. I love Bodhi and I’m still rocking 2.5 on my C720 due to the lack of Chromebook images with the 3 series. I know there is a process to get the 3 series working but I’m hesitant to dive in when my Bodhi 2.5 “just works” right now.

    Thanks again, Jeff.

    • I forgot to mention that! Yes – with this newer kernel the Chromebook trackpad drivers are there by default so we no longer need a special ISO image for the Chromebooks. If you hit any snags getting this latest version up and running on your Chromebook feel free to open a thread on the forums.

  2. Lucho says:

    Thanks for the update, i been waiting for it. I’ll make a try and let you know my feedback, seems you make a great job like the other releases

  3. sagsaw says:

    Is this release based on 16.04 LTS?

    If not when can we expect 16.04 LTS?

  4. Jim says:

    Jeff, how long before the .torrent will be available for Bodhi 3.2.1 ???

  5. axotolys says:

    No question. Justbig thank you for this OS.
    It is running very good on a EEE pc 1000HE.
    Very cool 🙂


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