Bodhi Linux 3.1.0 AppPack Release

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  1. BeGo says:

    Great move, Jeff!

    Now it easy for me to “evangeline” my friends in university,

    convincing them to join Moksha Band! 🙂

  2. NoLogin says:

    Can you tell us about how much Ram this setup will use? I would like running it with a small netbook as the image.

    Also why is there problems with people being able to log on to the forums when they had good login name and password?

    Thanks for all you do!

    • NoLogin says:

      On the RAM issue i was meaning for the 32 bit version as i am interested in running the image on an intel atom netbook.

    • The only difference in the normal system requirements for this release is that the minimum amount of drive space is high because of the preinstalled applications. All other requirements are the same as listed on the wiki page ->

      We are not aware of any issues logging into the forums at this time.

      • NoLogin says:

        I can’t get logged in and even when i try for support, it will not let me. Do i need to register a new account?

        Prelimary trials, this looks great!!! You may need to make some of the themes buttons and such larger for people using netbooks. I see one theme with large icons. Thanks for your good work!!!

        • Please direct any support requests to the user forums. If you are having trouble with your existing account simply make a new one or contact Jeff at BodhiLinux dot com via email

  3. tycho merthon says:

    Thanks , The APP’s always need for me and people that change of operative system , newbies!!
    Great job

  4. simon says:

    This is a great idea releasing a full iso that’s ready to use.

  5. Hi,

    A release feed for Bodhi Linux 3.1.0 AppPack is added here

    Thanks & Regards

  6. Mark says:

    Great Idea! It looks like the AppPack packages are marked as auto remove however

  7. maya says:

    Very good idea. Now many people will start to use Bodhi linux. Is there ‘ibus’ and ‘ibus-m17n’ added or in repository? These packages need to write complex script in Linux. BTW Thanks for your brilliant effort. I wish Bodhi linux will go a very long way.

  8. Mister Gamer says:

    GAMES! Please include some GAMES!! Good ones!! We’re desperate!! 🙂 (how can something as cool as Bodhi ship without em?)

    Sparky Linux has them, so why not you?

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Mister Gamer says:

    Hey, btw, is Kodi included in Bodhi? If not, could you please put it there? Thanks….

  10. Tran Older says:

    Initial user from Release 0.9
    Finally joined the Mokhsha guys
    Paradise Lost
    Paradise Enlights

  11. Simeon Nifos says:

    Hello there, great version and beautiful. I enjoy working with it. By mistake I installed on another machine the default version. Is there any meta-package I could apt-get to convert my bodhi-standard edition to the bodhi-appPack? How I could rerun the enlightenment first – time wizard?

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Simeon Nifos says:

    Thanks a lot. In fact I already did that before asking you and it did not work. Of course body-apppack was installed, and the theme changed after switching to the theme to moonlight. But when I click at the starting menu I do not see what you show at the first picture of the current webpage. I just see the classical E17 rectangular menu without the icon-theme present in the AppPack iso. Removing .e/ destroys the moonlight theme and I need to select it again.

  13. Joey Whoahy says:

    Wow man AWESOME! I’m too wowed to remember which feature hit critical mass with me, but highlights include that easy choice early on for xforcevesa – this installed on a Thin Client that’s impossible with most everything else, the finicky Wyse Vx0 to USB stick installed from USB CD ROM.
    Lastly, when an OS is useful and runs light even on a $9 Thin Client from Goodwill, the name Bodhi makes sense finally.


  14. Daniel Grimaldi says:

    Congratulations! Excellent idea! This would be great for new Bodhi users. But, unfortunately I was expecting something more modular, for example using the AppCenter.
    to tell you the truth, what I always wanted from the AppCenter is a way to tick all the programs I know that I want (for the Bodhi users that we already know what we want), then click on the classic “Install” button and that’s it. Yes, I know that it will looks like a web-Synaptic, but I think the problem with Synaptic is that it shows too much packages for a fresh install, and very short information of them. The AppCenter solved this two problems, but it lacks the best thing about using Synaptic: you ticks the programs you want and install everything with one click on the “Install” Button.
    Of course, this is my opinion as a Bodhi user, and I really don’t know how to do it or even if it is possible to do so. Maybe it is not a good option to do it in the AppCenter and it’s better to modify the last part of the installation program in the live cd/usb. Or it is just impossible.
    I don’t want to ask you to do this (you have already done so much for me), I’m just saying that having this I think it will improve Bodhi not only for new users (for the ones that knows what they want, and the ones that they don’t, just use the Standard or the AppPack release) but for everybody.

    • What you are describing would be ideal and is actually on my “would be nice to have eventually” list of things. That being said, we don’t currently have anyone on our team with the web development experience and bandwidth to implement such a thing. If you’d like to create a wordpress plugin that does what you describe we’d be happy to utilize it.


      • Daniel Grimaldi says:

        Well, Jeff, I don’t have the “web development experience” either, but I can make a little “bandwith” to learn it! I mean, I think it would be a great and interesting challenge, but everybody will need to be very patient, hehe. And I really don’t know where to start reading. Do you have any suggestions?
        On the other hand, I was thinking about learning Python (I already have some experience in C++ and had a glance using Sagemath) because I saw your Py-EFL Tutorial and want to try doing something. Maybe it would be better to make a GUI for Bodhi live CD/USB. I think you as the Captain of the Ship, so you tell me what is the best option.
        Thank you for trust me this work, I will try to do my best with the time and the knowledge I have. I owe you almost six years of having this excellent OS, so it is payback time, hehe.

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