Bodhi Linux 3.1.0 Release

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  1. What is the difference between Legacy release and other releases?

  2. Bob says:

    Glad for the Moksha release, keep go on 😉
    btw! Is it still based on the ubuntu 14.04?

  3. Antonijs Kipans says:

    Please, can anybody tell me difference between standard 32 bit and legacy downloads?

  4. Vince M says:

    Could anyone please report the exact RAM usage for this Release, after booting in and staying idle for 2 minutes ?

  5. peter says:

    jeff, in a future versions of moksha you’ll go updating to E18, E19 or newer or keep in E17¿?

    • Moksha is a continuation of the E17 desktop. Any fixes / features from future versions of Enlightenment that are useful will eventually be backported, but we will never be rebasing to a different core.

      • Timofey says:

        Good evening. e17- it correctly choice. I tried different versions, and again returned to the E17, as the new was not possible to configure the system so I could set up on E17

  6. Timofey says:

    Tell me please. Previously, if I run nautilus, nemo, bluetooth, or open a folder by cairo-dock, it also launched the desktop gnome. To avoid this, I used the command: nautilus –no-desktop, or create a shortcut to it, but not all cases, it helps. It is decided whether it is a new distribution Moksha? Thank you in advance.

  7. Jesse says:

    Will there be a Chromebook release for the C720/HP14?

    • As mentioned in the post a Chromebook release will come when time permits. Likely early next month.

      You can also simply install the 3.0.0 Chromebook release and replace the E19 desktop with Moksha using the instructions linked to above.

  8. Ariel says:

    Will there be a Chromebook Bodhi 3.1.0 ISO image? Thanks!

    • As mentioned in the post a Chromebook release will come when time permits. Likely early next month.

      You can also simply install the 3.0.0 Chromebook release and replace the E19 desktop with Moksha using the instructions linked to above.

  9. Pierpaolo says:

    I hope that in a next/near future, Bodhi/Moksha will be have icons for folder (that the user can choice by himself) , like in Thunar or Nautilus. A ‘search here’-‘open like a root’ – ‘open a terminal here’ with a right click item or something like …..Will could be the ‘perfect desktop’ 🙂
    Many thanks anyway for your great job ! 🙂

  10. curt says:

    Will any of these versions work on the Chromebook? I believe you have released ISO’s built specifically for Chromebook in the past… any plan for this version?

    • As mentioned in the post a Chromebook release will come when time permits. Likely early next month.

      You can also simply install the 3.0.0 Chromebook release and replace the E19 desktop with Moksha using the instructions linked to above.

  11. congratulations. !!! The new release is very cool.

  12. Jan says:

    Hi Jeff & Bodhi team, thank you so much!
    I just installed 3.1 legacy on old Acer aspire one ZG5.
    It works great and is very stable.
    Installation 3.1 legacy and several programs not one fault or bug!

  13. Tommy Beauclair says:

    Does Moksha have some of 3rd party plugins like places, penguins or some others totally useless so they are necessary? 😀

  14. Min says:

    Hi there, first I’d like to thank you and all your team for all the hard work that has gone into Bodhi Linux. I would like to make some suggestions if I may.

    1. I love the idea of “Shelves” , I use something similar in Windows XP called LaunchTab 2.0. It would be great if there was the ability to add files or folders on shelves. For example a shortcut to a “Music” folder or a picture file or any other file or folder which could be accessed straight from the shelves. This would completely change my work flow.

    2. It would be nice if there were a few more different positions for shelves, maybe a middle point between center and corner as some of my shelves overlap

    3. Some sort of shelf stacking would come in handy for power users as some of my shelves over lap.

    4. The inverse action of shelves on auto hide when mouse over/clicks. I like to have the clock displayed in a shelf but it keeps getting in my way, it would really help if the shelf would auto hide when my mouse pointer moves over it. This could allow for dual action, auto hide one shelf while auto show another. This could be awesome!!!!

    5. Mouse and Keyboard bindings are difficult to understand. I had to refer to online help to get it working. It needs to be simplified, how about having a browse button with a pop up window so the user can navigate to the desired file/folder and/or have a software list. Sorry I don’t any more suggestion for this one – I’m kinda lost for the best interface for this aswell.

    6. How do I change the time and date? I know this isn’t the right place to ask but there is no option in settings menu to change the date or time. The time displayed is wrong for me.

    7. Most importantly the ability to boot Bodhi Linux from RAM. At boot time there is no option to boot Bodhi Linux from RAM.

    Thank you for your time in reading all of this, I tried to keep it as short and to the point as possible. Feel free to contact me as I may be able to help out with testing

    • 1.) You can create launchers on your ibar that open a folder to a specific directory. Open a support request if you need help with this.

      2.) If you need shelves at more than the 12 spots we have now – why not just create one shelf that extends that whole part of the screen and position gadgets on it where you want them?

      3.) See two.

      4.) How would you access the shelf if you can never click on it?

      5.) Most all of the configuration panel in Enlightenment is a giant cryptic mess. One of the goals for Moksha will be re-writing all of the settings from the ground up in a more straight forward manner that will include things you expect like a search feature and better mouse over hints.

      6.) You need to do so using the command line. If you need help with this open a support request on our user forums. When the settings panel gets rewritten this will be included in it eventually.

      7.) This is a boot option most people do not need. If you need it – add the boot option yourself. If we include a boot option for every different thing someone might want the list gets really long really fast.

      • Min says:

        Thank you for your reply

        To your question
        2. I see your point, but it all depends on how you use things. Having things grouped in different positions with different shelf colour/behavior makes it more accessible – I’m thinking more of files and folders rather than programs and gadgets. Having one shelf with lots of icons on has the same problem as having lots of shortcuts on the desktop – you have to hunt for the one you want. Having more shelves with fewer icons would mean less hunting as you would know the rough location.

        3. If there was some sort of shelf stacking maybe I could learn to use one big shelf.

        4. You would not need to click on them as the inverse action shelf would be for display only e.g Clock, CPU, RAM, Temp. Moving the mouse pointer over the shelf would hide the shelf keeping it out of the way while you complete your action. This way you can keep an eye on the system without the shelves getting in the way of your work flow

        • While these features sound nice, they are not something that will have priority from myself personally any time soon. If you work them out yourself feel free to make a pull request on github and they will be integrated.

  15. pibarnas says:

    Using it. And having fun! Thank you!!

  16. says:

    Looks like there is not CUPS at bodhi-3.1.0-32.iso image
    Any advices?

  17. Viktor says:

    Приветствую Джефф и спасибо за новый релиз!
    Не могу установить “locale Ru” даже используя “language-selector-gnome”. Что подскажете? Спасибо!

  18. Twisted Fate says:

    Does Bodhi use systemd by default?

  19. Alejandro says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work.
    I’ve been waiting for this release for some time now.

    Just installed it in a VM without any hiccups in just a couple of mins.
    Unfortunately I have to work in Windows, but now I have my Bodhi + Moksha oasis.

    Thanks again!

  20. John Ralph says:

    Thank you so much for your effort.
    You brought back E17 with the nice features of E19 -new iBar behaviour, tasks, etc.-.
    Finally I have back the engage module and the awesome themes from E17.

    I’ll like to suggest that it’d be nice if you could include some sort of collection or a link to the E17 themes so newcomers can experience the beautifulness of Bodhi “out of the box”.

  21. Timofey says:

    Theme gtk use this .
    I installed separately

  22. Timofey says:

    When using ecomorphs, when running some applications
    cairo-dock for example, transparency is there, but not quite correctly displayed.

  23. harpingon says:

    Any word on a chromebook build? My C720 needs bodhi :/

  24. John Delport says:

    Greetings Jeff, I like your Bodhi, but cannot fathom why, so many hidden menus, its totally confusing, also to just simply add an application to your shelve is impossible to find how? In most versions, it was simple right click and send it to your bar. Ecomorph is great, but again, disjointed, I prefer the “KISS” approach by main stream programmers “Keep It Simple Stupid”, trying to make it look clever, only makes it a lot more difficult to get around and to remember where you last saw that certain tab?????? Your sliding tabs are just too much to handle. Jeff there are just too many sub menus of all sizes and shape, that I cannot find uniformity across the board. The settings area needs a complete overhaul in my educated opinion. KDE is still by far, streets ahead of everything out there, yes even beating Trinity, which compares so much to enlightenment (confusing maze of unnecessary doors that leads to sheer frustration, and belligerent cussing. If you can take KDE’s lead, and implement their layout into Bodhi, with your variation, you are going to find many happy new users. Please don’t get me wrong, yes, there is a lot of tweaking made available, more than any version I have encountered, but this is where I found a lot of tweaks leads one down the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole. Hee Hee. But good on you for all your hard work. Just a simpler layout would suffice Jeff. Do yourself a favor, load Trinity, and see the sub menus, within sub menus. Cheers and best Bodhi version to date I have investigated. Glad that you included most programs.
    Oh before I forget, how do you add a file manager to your shelve in ecomorph?

  25. John Delport says:

    Thanks so much Jeff, I accidentally came across the iBar help, which assisted me greatly, AND opened a more forgiving slant to my over critical evaluation of Bodhi. I must however admit, you are indeed an incredible programmer, and getting a lot of different views on how Bodhi must look, must be kinda frustrating for you. You are obviously very gifted, I CANT even write code, but I do have a good eye for layout and have 9 partitions on my Acer Aspire E15 laptop, where I am constantly installing different Linux versions and comparing them. Just an idea from the peanut gallery, a textual or diagram hierarchy map of Bodhi’s layout and menu system (if not done yet?), could point a user instantly to their intended objective! You are indeed a real gentleman, a great dad and husband and probably a great pal to have within a circle of genuine friends. The fact that you took time to answer me, says it all!
    Best Regards always, an honor to have met you.
    John Delport. Greenpoint, Cape Town South Africa.

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