Bodhi Linux powered Acer C720 Chromebook Give Away

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  1. George Yeager says:

    Super on the C720. I have one running Bodhi 3.0. I really like it, and have donated $500 to help Bodhi in any way, although I mentioned my interest in Chromebooks.

    I have posted a message in the 3.0 unstable forum asking how to implement “natural” scrolling, but see no answers popping up. Perhaps if you forward this note to a C720 developer I might find out how to reverse scrolling direction. I don’t mind editing config files. Don’t need a GUI to accomplish my goal.

    Thanks for your good work.

    • aeonius aeonius says:

      I do not have Bodhi installed on my Chromebook at the moment, so I can’t test this, but have a look at this site.

      • George Yeager says:

        Thanks, aeonis. I had looked at that site, but it appeared to require Gnome or KDE. However, it may be that the .Xmodmap approach will work. I’ll try that. Can’t hurt.

      • George Yeager says:

        OK, tried the .Xmodmap solution. It did not work. Created the file as SU, saved in homedir, rebooted. Nothing new.

        Would have been nice. Thanks for pushing me to try it.

      • George Yeager says:

        This is probably not the place to be chasing technical solutions. We should probably go to my post on the 3.0 support forum.

  2. tracyanne says:

    I just want to know one thing, how do I replace ChromeOS with Bhodi, or any other Linux, so that my chromebook boots into linux just like any other laptop does. IE no having to jump though the Development mode loops no possibility of restoring ChromeOS. All of the HowTos I’ve so far found on line seem to be a kludge where you have to always be in development mode to run Linux I want to be able to have Bhodi, ubuntu or whatever as the main and only OS.

  3. nabin says:

    i want to Support bodhi user of their problem but how .i want to start bodhi online helpline so that people can reach me remotely

  4. Kevin says:

    Who is the lucky winner?

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