Help Quality Test the new Bodhi Linux AppCenter

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  1. Jon Moore says:

    I am in the process of installing bodhilinix 3.0.0. For the most part I’ve had no major problem except I’m unable to find Thunderbird in the appcenter. I tried to download in off the internet, but was unable to install it. When will it be available in the Appcenter?

    • aeonius aeonius says:

      Hi Jon,
      Not all available applications will be added to the appcenter. This because it will only offer a couple of choices. You can use synaptic or apt to install more. In your case “sudo apt-get install thunderbird”, without the quotes.

  2. Wolfgang Tintemann says:

    I run Bhodi 3.0.0 on an ARM processor (armhf on Cortex A9). If I try to install Thunderbird via the AppCenter Iceweasel browser tells me that apt:thunderbird is no valid protocol. Does this all work only for Intel x86 processors ???

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