Quick Start

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  1. mdg says:

    Quick question about wiki and Quick Start page – do you want it to look like the old QuickStart page that is linked on the live distro. I noticed that Getting Started links to lots of other pages already.

    • aeonius aeonius says:

      No, it doesn’t have to look like the old qs. Feel free to improve upon it as you like. Linking to relevant subwikis is a good idea though. Keep up the good work! =)

  2. Randy Randy says:

    Can someone teach me to format the text. I added a few things to the quickstart wiki, but the text is not uniform with the existing. I don’t see how to save my changes as a draft so I’m gonna publish it anyway so I don’t loose the work.
    Or if someone wants to just fix it, that would be great 2.

    • aeonius aeonius says:

      The editor window has a bar above it with editing tools. Clicking “Toolbar Toggle” brings up more editing tools. You can also switch to html view, by clicking the “Text” tab on the top right, next to the “Visual” one. Don’t be afraid to mess up, just play around with it, you’ll get the hang of it. Oh, and the comment section of the wiki isn’t the best place to ask for help, I suggest discussing it on the forum. Start a thread in the content section, pretty sure people like Sitting Fox are able to help out. =)