Bodhi Linux 3.1.1 Release

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  1. Guedj says:

    Bonsoir : est-ce qu’il existe une version en Français ? Can you tell me if it is possible to work with a French menu ? Thanks slst Al.G

  2. John Delport says:

    Just to say, Keep up the good work Jeff. Your version is now my favourite. I still seriously think that Bodhi and Hauki should get together and exchange ideas. Hauki has the amazing ability to hover one window over the other and with the correct key code, see the tab area change color, then release and watch how it assimulates itself as a tabbed window within the other or you can connect two or more windows on the height edge and move the entire block anywhere on the screen. Thats just awesome to experience. No other linux version has that power! That would be a great feature to have in Bodhi. Unfortunately, they only use 32bit. Its worth a look see, and who knows?, a rich friendship may develop? Best Regards John.

    • David Lemire says:

      Just walked through the screenshot collection at the Haiku website. Very cool. BeOS is a technology that seems to have enormous promise but virtually zero market traction, which is unfortunate. I was definitely rooting for Be, back in the day.

  3. Hi,

    A release feed is added here for Bodhi Linux 3.1.1.

    Thanks & Regards.

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