Bodhi 3.1.0 Pre-Release Image

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  1. Marc Lines says:

    Hello Mr. Hoogland:

    Congratulations to you and your colleagues on this 3.1.0 Bodhi ‘Pre-release’. I had attempted the download of the -64 believing it to be the 64 bit variant, but in the download it was identified as 32 bit? Would I be correct in thinking you want to have your new 32 bit ‘Moksha’ field tested before committing to the 64 bit?
    I am eager to get your Moksha on to my computer but I will wait until a 64 bit Moksha is available. As always, my thanks to you and your fellow Bodhi technical contributors. Best Wishes with the ‘polishing of Moksha’.

    Marc Lines

    • This pre-release is in fact 32bit only. When we have our full 3.1.0 release later this month it will have 64bit and non-PAE discs as normal.

      • Timofey says:

        Good evening. Many thanks to the following for your work on the development of the Bodhi Linux. I use it for several years and only positive responses. I am glad that the new distribution appeared ecomorphs. It is in Budhi Linux I found the combination of beauty and speed. Waiting for 64-bit version. Once again, thank you very much.

  2. mbidewell says:

    I’m new to Bodhi Linux, so please forgive the noob question, but will a 3.0 install be upgradable to 3.1? Also will it be possible to replace E17 with Moksha? Thanks. For the record Bodhi E17 is one of the fastest desktop linux distros I have encountered. It makes my 10 year old laptop seem almost new again.

    • Users will not automatically be changed from E17/19 to Moksha. That being said, they will be able to keep up with the latest 3.x release by running their system updates.

      They will also be able change from E17/19 to Moksha via the package manager when / if they want.

  3. A small release feed is added here


  4. I tried 3.1 on my *OLD* Toshiba laptop (2007) and the only issue I had was not being able to type text into certain form areas – somehow this was resolved around the time that I installed Abiword. I don’t know, maybe a dependency thing? Anyway, I have posted a video to Youtube and will see how I get along with Moksha . Right now it seems to be a winner 🙂

  5. jonathon says:

    Well Done Jeff..! What a come back!! Gee I don’t know when last I’ve been so impressed by an pre-release image. It’s feels really quite solid already, Moksha is great.
    Thank you for your hard work and to everyone involved.

  6. Rich Dennis says:

    Moksha is not quite there yet – that being said, you never claimed that it was. It is, however, an excellent start. If anyone has a prayer of beating Enlightenment into a DE that’s useable and stable, that someone would appear to be you Mr. Hoogland. You’re definitely on the right track.
    Two observations : the segfault issue which you’ve addressed was actually much more minor that I expected, but trying to install Chromium from the Appcenter was not. The installer hung for about twenty minutes with no output. I hard shut it down and rebooted Moksha – after the desktop loaded again and all menus refreshed, Chromium was installed and did work.
    I have not tried installing Chromium in my Bodhi 3.0 VM yet, but will do that next, to see if it’s a Bodhi-wide issue, or something specific to Moksha.
    Well done sir – will keep following your progress here and on Facebook.

    • Can’t reproduce any issues here with installing software (including Chromium) from the AppCenter on a fresh 3.1.0 pre-release install. I click the install button, enter my password, confirm I want to install the application and shortly after I see this ->

      It appears in my main menu as expected. If you can reproduce this issue on command and are interested in debugging it please open a support request on our user forums.

  7. your new desktop looks wonderful, i am amazed at the dedication of your team!

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