Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 RC3 Release

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  1. Christopher says:

    This is fantastic news for those of us who can’t find anything comparable to Bodhi. Woohoo Jeff!

  2. kaiomatico says:

    Really awesome you re-released the chromebook images! Thank you soo much 🙂

  3. Jeroen says:

    Stable coming closer… Getting excited, thanks for the hard work Jeff and the rest of the team!!

  4. PaulWolf says:

    Go ahead Jeff and best regards ! I’ll try it on my third partition, the second is for Debian and the first for Bodhi 2.4 😉

    • Paulwolf says:

      Just to let you know I’ve installed rc3 release on my “poor” Aspire one (atom cpu, 1 Gb RAM and so on, you know …). I’ve always liked E and I think your distribution is a very,very good work. The only problem I had was my first choise to install using XFS. The result was that Bodhi was installed but the boot was without end. So I reinstalled all using ext3, this time with no problems at all 🙂

  5. Abdel says:

    These are the good news we’ve been waiting for so long. Thank you so much. My heartiest encouragements!

  6. Peter says:

    Am I the only one that finds this looks butt ugly? No offence I appreciate the effort of the distro maker but really.. I rather have openbox or something without a gui than a gui like this 😛

    • Non-specific, non-constructive feedback like this is toxic at best.

      That being said, looks are subjective, but Enlightenment can appear in a variety of different ways. What you get when you start is just one appearance. You can find a selection of other themes the Bodhi team has tested on the AppCenter here and you can find other Enlightenment themes here, but be aware we only test/support the themes listed on the AppCenter.

  7. Hai Nguyen says:

    Can’t wait to see the stable release >.<
    Nice work ^^

  8. Matthew says:

    Jeff, just a huge vote of thanks for all your work and contributions to the broader Linux community

  9. Hi,

    Glad to read that Bodhi Linux is alive and kicking: the RC are succeding to each other rapidly with a lot of bug fixes but also improvements ! !
    If only every body would work the same as you guys (and a big thumbs up to Jeff, back at work).

    One question, though why pointing out to OpenOffice and WPS Office and not to LibreOffice ?

  10. Ruud Kuin says:

    Hi all,
    Congrats on the RC3 of Bodhi 3.0 and the return of Jeff on this project, hope all is well Mr. Hoogland? 😉

    Best regards, Ruud.

  11. Sean carter says:

    Welcome back Jeff! I’m really exited about the new release.

  12. ENA says:

    Good news for February! Can´t wait for install it. Thank you!! Best regards!!

  13. Hernando Gutiérrez Arias says:

    Muy buena noticia y es que este distro es algo muy elegante y especial.

  14. Esdeve says:

    Great ! I rally thought Bodhi project almost kicked the bucket back then.
    I’m almost the same as an end user, and yet, having to work a little with Linux and using it for common tasks too, I couldn’t find anything as satisfying as the precedent version of this OS satisfied me, and I was totally lost.
    Thanks you so much pal.

  15. Darkstar says:

    So glad to see this distro moving forward and very glad to see Jeff is back and apart of the team again. I was really scared that this distro had no future without him and I have to say, I feel drastically better knowing he’s back again. Also, very nice release and again, extremely happy Jeff is back.

  16. SU_DUDE says:

    1.) What are the min. and recommended system requirements? In paragraph 1 on the Wiki you note that a primary objective of Bodhi is to keep the distro “…as lean as possible…” In the installation instructions (Item 3, A, 2) there is a reference to a system requirements screen during installation, but no description or screen shot. Thus far it appears that I have be well into the installation process before I know if the distro is even compatible with my hardware.

    2.) No email client listed in the AppCenter. I assume this means a manual/command line install because it is an incomplete Distro without one. Do you intend to add Thunderbird at some point since Firefox is included?

    • The wiki is still in the process of being populated – a system requirements page will be included there once it is fully fleshed out.

      The AppCenter is not a full list of everything you can install on Bodhi. It is a list of concise choices for a variety of tasks. If you do not find what you are looking for there you still have the entirety of the Ubuntu repos available to you.

  17. Leonard ashley says:

    First of all Jeff, welcome back, of course we all knew you really didn’t go anywhere away from Bodhi. That said, I have to say that the distro on bootup gave me a clue that this is going to be different, the entire look and feel is awesome. The distro is way more than I expected, quite honest that is a quantum leap for the Bodhi distro. I did a fresh install with the rc3 and what a difference, and I was content with the rc2. I give my thanks to you, and the entire Bodhi community, just a very beautiful enlightenment distro. The very best e19 enlightment I have seen to date.

  18. rabbit says:

    E19 is buggy
    Why would you pick this as the default version in Bodhi?

    • Non-specific feedback like this is not constructive. I use E19 for 8+ hours a day most days and have little to no issues with it. What issues I do find are reported to the E team and get resolved. If you are finding bugs/issues with the desktop report them with specific detail.

  19. Fatriff says:

    Thanks Jeff.. It’s looking pretty solid.
    What happened to the layout chooser at the start? I noticed the next button appear for a split second then it was gone.

    I’m having major issues with the acer aspire e-11 and the touchpad and this release of bodhi.. I can’t even move the windows. About the only thing which does work is left click.

    • We wanted to simplify the start up process. Advanced users customize their desktop how they want and beginning users don’t want piles of choices. From this perspective it made since to just provide a single base/starting desktop.

      Troubleshooting hardware issues is outside the scope of this comments section. Please open a support request on the user forums.

  20. maya says:

    welcome back Jeff. happy to know that bodhilinux is running again. I am waiting for the next stable release.

  21. Sadracht says:

    Thanks Jeff Hoogland, it is amazing that the project to proceed.

  22. Nymunariya says:

    Are there any themes with a close button on the left? Or are the all exclusively still on the right?

  23. keith says:

    I am so glad that Bodhi linux…is back going full force….i was so heartbreaking when i thought it was over….this is the first time i have been back Thank you for all that yall do… : )

  24. Dan says:

    I downloaded this new version to use on Virtual Box, and it just made my day when I didn’t have to bother with Guest Additions for the 1st time. This is now my favorite Distro, thanks Jeff, and welcome back.

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